Hospice Care

Hospice Care Hospice care is care given to a terminally ill patient that opts out of curative treatment or treatment just isn??™t working. Most patient care is provided in nursing homes, residential facilities and private residences. The goal of the hospice is to restore a sense of equanimity and personal integrity despite the disturbance of the illness. The main aim is to control the pain and other physical distress. The hospice seeks to go beyond the physical aspects and relieve suffering by concentrating on caring for all the patients needs including psychological, spiritual, and existential. Hospice care is important for family members as well. When a patient is in hospice the family can form a close relationship with the staff and doctors. This allows for better communication and can be quite comforting to the family knowing that their loved one is being given good care. Most hospice programs also offer bereavement follow up.
Home hospice is beneficial to the patient because it lets them live out their final days at home. This may make them much more comfortable being surrounded by their own things .this care is still directed by a doctor and coordinated by nurses. It can also be supported by volunteers, family members and friends. It also has more flexibility for visitors. Social support plays a key role in home care. It can decrease the patient??™s feelings of helplessness while increasing their self esteem and confidence. It also may give them a better understanding of their illness and be able to talk about it and share ways to cope with fear and enhance physical and emotional well being.

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