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Terry Goodkind once quoted that ???If the road is easy, you??™re likely going the wrong way.??? This depicts that tough situations and predicaments arise from adversity, whether it is a misfortune, hardship, or a struggle with something or someone, and this is highlighted in the poet Horace??™s quote. Even though some people encounter adversity, they find the force of motivation within them, and they have the ability to overcome it, therefore strengthening their credentials and revealing their talents. Because prosperity itself cannot rouse talents, adversity must be valued, as it sharpens the individual and creates a source of achievement.
Ever since Charles Darwin introduced the concept of natural selection, humans began to understand how the force of adversity shapes them and creates their destiny. To prosper is to successfully achieve many things and be prolific in one??™s life, and people will understand that nothing in life is given to you; motivation and perseverance will allow one to prosper, so something of an adversity must be present in order for one to respond to life??™s demands and be able to compete for survival and succeed in life, as the talent you had obtained will be revealed to others. This will generate a sense of achievement, due to the fact that a difficult task has been accomplished. It is true that everyone seeks for success, so their character is what will decide if they will acquire it. And although there is always assistance available to most individuals at many times in their lives, having to cope with these difficulties and overcoming them alone while using any of your talents will result in triumph.
Ernest Hemingway??™s novel The Old Man and the Sea delineates that success is not simply achieved without the weight of an adversity. The protagonist of the novel, a fisherman named Santiago, faces great misfortune as he fails to catch any fish for more than 80 days; however, his motivation and faith that he will overcome this misfortune allowed him to catch a gargantuan marlin, a difficult task and astonishing feat that shocked all the tourists in the Cuban town where Santiago resides. If Santiago decided to give up and look for another profession, he would not have discovered the motivational force that revealed his passion for fishing, and his love for the hobby could have possibly faded away. The value of adversity is prominent in situations like these, and this stimulated Santiago to utilize his fishing talents to dream for more marlins.
Adversities can be a highway of pain, a road that may seem never ending, but people have the power to successfully overcome them, depending on their character. Most of the preeminent scientists, historical figures, and mathematicians needed a source of adversity, because their stimulation to achieve something in their lives and use their true talents that they had obtained in life powered through adversity. This must be valued, and this is the only way one could achieve many goals and have an illustrious life career.

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