Tesla Motors Inc Case Analysis

In 1827, the french mathematician and physician Jean-Baptiste Fourier come up with the notion of the green house. Therefore was introduced for the first time the notion of global warming.

In 1967, whether 140 years later two scientists made the first global warming provisions: doubling of the carbon dioxide at the beginning of the twenty-first century and a 2,5°increase of the average temperature. 90% of the world’s carbon monoxide is due to the combustion of the fossil energy (petroleum products, coal, natural gas) and is therefore directly related to energy consumption. Customize your paper with Edubirdie.

This new notion of global warming will, therefore, bring to light new solution the preserve the planet: using renewables energies, waste management, recycling. Being aware of the global warming make people think differently, and created new needs to the customers and an opportunity window for the entrepreneurs on the renewables energies market.

In the beginning of the 2000s two engineers of the Silicon Valley come up with the vision of the car of the future with zero emissions. In 2006, Elon Musk, Martin Eberhard, and MarcTarpenning launched the first sport electric vehicle branded Tesla: the Roadster. Tesla mission is to help the world in the transition to the sustainable transport “I thought: ‘well, the humanity what are some of the others problems that are likely to must affect this humanity?’ Not from the perspective, ‘what’s the best way to make money?’”(Elon Musk, Tesla Co-Founder, nd CEO). Tesla Motors was founded in 2003; Tesla had launched different cars with high-end edition.

Tesla Motor Car S had received a ‘Car of the year’ award and customers gave high rating tothis car.  Beside this most of the Tesla Competitors bankrupt and their production stopped.Tesla became more profitable company of the year. Assume the perspective of BMW’s management. The Model S and X seem to competedirectly with BMW. BMW seems to be an important reference point for Tesla’s positioning:sporty high-end luxury cars. How worried should BMW be? Will Tesla survive and thrive (dowell) and become a strong direct competitor, like Audi? Or is it doomed (destined) to be aniche player?

What are some of the main arguments? Let us assume that we are BMW’s company, and we are facing problems from ourcompetitors Tesla Motors with his three models of electrics vehicles:

  • Tesla Roadster (First Production Car)
  • Tesla MODEL S
  • Tesla MODEL X (Upcoming Crossover SUV)